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Bookings for Segway tours are accepted and confirmed by e-mail, SMS/text message, or phone. You are most welcome to join our scheduled tour last minute without booking - as long as the tour is operated, and as long as there is space.

We require an advance deposit / payment / credit card number and details before we confirm your tour booking.


Our Cancellation Policy

10% of the price of your tour is non refundable, this percentage reflects our cost of booking & preparing your tour. If you cancel your trip with more than one week's (7 days) notice you will be refunded 90% of the trip price. If you cancel your trip less than seven days before your departure you will be refunded 70% of the trip price. If you cancel your trip with less than two days notice (48 hours) no refund will be given.

The final number of participants given 48 hours before any trip is the number of participants you will have to pay for and hence absolutely no refunds are made for cancellations made 48 hours before a trip, or "no-show".


Methods of payment


The weather and conditions

All adventure trips and outdoor activities are weather and condition dependent and we reserve the right to change your itinerary or cancel your trip with your safety in mind.

Occationally in winter, when the weather or road conditions are too poor to ride the Segway, we must cancel the tour for your safety in mind. You may want to use the money already paid to pay for one of our other services, such as a tour by bicycle, on foot or by vehicle.

Please keep in mind that Iceland is and will always be Iceland, the weather changes very fast and can change frequently during the day on our northern island. As the weather changes, the conditions for riding the Segway change too.

Our guides are specially trained to deal with changing conditions and their number one priority is to make decisions with your safety in mind. Please respect your guides authority to do so. This is especially valid for winter travel in Iceland. Our summer trips, operated from June through August, are very rarely adversely affected by harsh weather.

Participants in our Segway tours must have average sense of balance and be in good health. Participants who the guide deems incapable of riding the Segway safely, or keeping up with the group, can be expected to be refused participation - in which case full charge applies.

Travel insurance

As with any and all world travel, we recommend that you buy a travel insurance policy in your home country that covers your cost should you have to cancel on short notice, or endure a physical injury. This kind of travel insurance is not expensive and frequently covers other risks.

Alcohol and drugs

We refuse participation to clients we believe are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, in such circumstances no refunds shall be given. Our guides reserves the right to refuse participation to any customer whose conduct or manner is likely to cause offense, upset or put other passengers in danger. In such cases full cancellation charges apply.


Appropriate footwear and suitable outdoor clothing must be worn. This is especially important in winter. When it is cold the toes are especially vulnerable. On such days we recommend that participants wear warm footwear. Please wear flat shoes, high heals are unsuitable for riding the Segway. We've got some extra clothing, i.e. hats, gloves, coats, some rain gear, thermal overalls etc. case you haven't got the right clothes.

Age and Weight limit

For general safety purpose we expect our guests to be at least 15 years of age. We may consider younger children on our tours with the understanding that parents take full responsibility for their children and sign a release. We do recommend a private tour for families in which we choose a route with less traffic and hasards. The Segway manufacturer recommends that for safe operation of the machines the users weigh between 45 kg and 115 kg. This would be about 100-260 pounds.


For the safety of the mother and child we do not allow pregnant women to participate.


Participants are required to sign a release / waiver in which they take full responsibility in case of an accident, for themselves, the machines and damage / injury to a third party. We keep credit card numbers on file until after the tour.

Reykjavik Segway Tours
Reykjavik Segway Tours
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