Reykjavik Segway Tours

If you have never tried riding a Segway PT® you've come to the right place!

The Segway machines are fantastic personal transporters that amaze people right from the start.

Glide effortlessly along Reykjavik's beautiful coastline on a Segway with one of our enthusiastic tourist guides eager to show you some of the higlights of Reykjavik.

Our tours are small so you'll always get a lot of attention from us.

Contact us now for your Segway tour in Reykjavik.


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Reykjavik Segway Tours
Iceland Segway
Authorized Segway tour in Iceland

Summer 2022

This summer we're open on demand.

Please call us if you need a tour same day or next day.

Please email us if you'd like to book several days in advance.

Reykjavik Segway Tours