Reykjavik Segway Tours
Reykjavik Segway Tours
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Private Segway tours


Looking for flexibility? Go when you like, where you like and at the speed you're comfortable with.

Tours typically last two hours including a short training session at the beginning to get everyone accustomed to the Segway PT®.

Tours are available in the English language but we offer other languages opon timely request.

Private tours offer much more flexibility than our scheduled tours because you are in charge. The price depends on the number of persons travelling and the number of hours travelled. Please contact us for a reservation.

Cost for a 2 hour private Segway tour for one person = ISK 39.000. Cost for two persons = ISK 19.500 per person. Cost for three persons = ISK 14.900 per person. Cost for four persons = ISK 14.900 per person. Cost for 5 persons = ISK 14.900 per person. Please contact us for a quote if there are more people in your group. We have 14 Segways for guest.

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Reykjavik Segway Tours